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Natural Weeding


Local benefits:

Have a better air quality, soil quality and a healthier environment.

Travellers benefits:

Stay in a healthy environment.

Benefits to the environment:

No longer be attacked by pesticides.


Car parks, alleys and drivable routes often are quickly covered with what we call weeds (“bad grass”).

Please firstly note that bad grass does not really exist. We name it bad grass because they grow at the wrong place to us. However in a wild environment, there are no bad grass.

To avoid those weeds – that we would rather name undesirable–  to invade alleys, gardens, drivable routes etc; find below natural weeding solutions, respectful of the environment, which will allow you to not use phytosanitary products, equally harmful for the environment than for your health.

White vinegar

Spray white vinegar on the weeds, ideally when sunny weather, allow their very quick elimination.
Warning: white vinegar get through the plant but also the ground, and therefore destroy the micro organisms necessary for the growing of the plants nearby. Please use carefully then.

Cooking water

Pasta, rice or potatoes cooking water is a very effective weedkiller thanks to its starch content (salted water also works). It is also possible to add some Marseille (or Castille) soap for more efficiency.
Warning: the product get through the plant but also the ground, and therefore destroy the micro organisms necessary for the growing of the plants nearby. Salt might also sterilize the soil. Please use carefully then.


 Boiling water can cause thermal shock and burst the plant cells. Be careful not to boil the water only to weed, the interest being to recycle / reuse (cooking, overfilled boiler,…). It is also possible to use gas burners but only if the gas used is biogas.


After a great hoeing, put a 10cm layer of mulch (mowing,…).
In addition of avoiding light to reach the soil surface and thus does not allow the development of weeds, mulching prevents smearing phenomenon, creating a place for beneficial insects, improves soil structure and promotes life microbial soil.

Nettle manure

It is a very good natural weedkiller, also efficient for aphids. The only thing to do is to harvest the nettle, chop them, and then let them steep in water and the finally filter. When there are no more bubbles coming up, the fermentation is over (between 6 to 21 days). Do not forget to stir the mixture every day.

Do you know other solutions? Do not hesitate to share them!

Translated from French by Esther Boyer.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Mahery in front of Domaine de la Rhonie Domaine de la Rhonie Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-temperee France No
La terraza del albergue Les Eco-logis d’Ensarnaut Les Éco-logis d'Ensarnaut Cottages & furnished rentals rural France Yes

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It is also possible to settle a coating respectful of the environment on the drivable routes, in order to not weed (or a little only).

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