Local benefits:

Promotion of the local handicraft and cost reduction.

Travellers benefits:

More pleasant to use than paper napkins.

Benefits to the environment:

Waste reduction.


This may seem to be an obvious consideration for some people, but it is far from being obvious to everyone: to replace single-use napkins by reusable cloth napkins.

On the grounds of 3 meals a day, for a 10-double room establishment with an annual occupation rate of 60%, disposable towels represent more than 35 kilos of waste per year! More than the ecological impact, the cost reduction are quickly measurable!

This may also allow to bring to light the spirit of the place, by using and valuing local fabrics for instance.

Translated by Charlotte Le Goff

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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No

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A little tip: the napkins can be identified by the guests, thus it is not always necessary to wash them after every meal. At La Borderie de la Marchaizière, the guests draw a little pattern on a napkin ring at the beginning of their stay to be able to recognize their napkin. This is a way to combine the useful and the recreational!


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