Home HopSolution Make your own natural household products

Make your own natural household products


Local benefits:

White vinegar is cheaper than traditional household products, and just as effective.

Travellers benefits:

A Hotel very clean, naturally!

Benefits to the environment:

Avoid chemicals harsh to the environment.


Make your own cleaning products: economic and natural!

Molly, owner of Casa Divina Lodge in Ecuador, shares with us her good tip:

“This is a cleaning product that we use here at the lodge, which is a place we need to protect from moisture and mold. White vinegar, in addition to being highly effective for cleaning, is a powerful antifungal.

My recipe: take half a liter of water, half a liter of white vinegar, add 20 drops of essential oils of tea tree.

Simply shake well before each use. It can be applied on walls, tables … this is the best cleaning product that I had here at the hotel!

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Rancho Margot Activities, Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, montagne Costa Rica Yes

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