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Make Homemade Yogurt

Faire son Yaourt Maison avec Olga, La Serrana Hostel, Salento, Colombia
Faire son Yaourt Maison avec Olga, La Serrana Hostel, Salento, Colombia

Local benefits:

Fresh ingredients purchased locally, savings for the hotel as it is cheaper to make yogurt that you buy it.

Travellers benefits:

Natural yogurt, delicious and good for health.

Benefits to the environment:

Waste reduction (related to yoghurt packaging).


Make Your Own Homemade Yogurt: Local and Natural!

Watch the video above to find out the recipe followed by the eco-hostel La Serrena (Colombia) and Olga tricks explained while she is doing it!

Olga, Eco-hostel La Serrena:

“First, I pour recently drawn milk into a container, then, I heat the cooking pot (with milk) over 85°. Then, I fall off the temperature to 45. Afterwards, I pour the milk into a sterilized-glass receptacle, I add one glass of yogurt previously prepared, from yesterday, stir and… wrap the glass container with a thermic material, if it is possible, to keep warn the keep the temperature over 45° about 12 hours. After that, I unwrap the receptacle and take it into the refrigerator. One hour later, I mix constantly with a wooden spoon and that`s it, you got a totally natural yogurt ready to pour out and delight.

When we`re cooking yogurt , we don’t use steel ladles; since the those metals release some acid substances when having contact with hot water. And we don’t add any kind of chemical to the yogurt, so we need to preserve it. This is why we just recommend plastic or wooden spoons.

If you want to cook different flavor yogurt; just follow the same procedure, make a jam from different fruit, like strawberry, mulberry, whichever you want, pour it, as I did before with the previously prepared yogurt glass, add some sugar, stir and that`s all, but if you want the natural savor, just make the mixture with a glass of yogurt and that`s it.


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