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The Hummingbird does its part
Biodiversity example
The Hummingbird does its part
Biodiversity example

Local benefits:

To join a new network, which enhances the conservation of the environment where multiple bird species are living; but also to discover tools to increase its attractiveness. This will reinforce the approach of the structure towards a sustainable tourism.

Travellers benefits:

To be able to observe various bird species, thanks to the structure. This also develops sensitivity to the environment wealth, and to the importance of preservation.

Benefits to the environment:

To create a supportive environment for the development of the fauna and flora, in a space which respects nature, willing to protect biodiversity, by reducing its impact on the environment.



What is a LPB shelter?

It is merely a space where every effort has been made to promote the local biodiversity.

With the wording of the LPB charter principles, it implies to:

Create favourable conditions to the establishment of the wild fauna and flora.

  1. To waive chemical products.
  2. To reduce its impact on the environment.
  3. Ensuring this shelter is a space with no hunting, to preserve biodiversity.

Who can create a LPB shelter?

Everyone can! Both individuals and professionals. The only prerequisite is to have a tiny bit of land (from a balcony to a 20-hectare park) and to respect the charter.

Once registered, the LPB gives access to a whole stack of advice and information.

Why create a LPB shelter ?

Firstly, for obvious reasons of conservation of the environment.

Secondly, your visitors will be glad to be able to observe birds, and a valued nature.

Thirdly, this establishes even more your positioning on sustainable tourism. Your team will be able to participate and then feel more concerned.

Administrative formalities

For an establishment receiving members of the public, you will need:

  • To sign a convention for a period of 3 years. And to pay an amount of €75 which includes the 3-year subscription, newsletters, access to every advice, along with a welcome package ‘my establishment is a LPB shelter’ (= 1 ‘my establishment is a LPB shelter’ panel + 1 nesting box for chickadees + 3 mini-guide booklets entitled ‘natural arrangements for the garden’, ‘garden birds’ and ‘a shelter without hunting for biodiversity’)

Convinced?  Contact the closest LPB association!

Translated from french by Charlotte Le Goff

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Look at the LPB charter

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