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Local communities partners of the company

Local communities, Andean Lodges Peru
Local communities, Andean Lodges Peru

Local benefits:

Local communities have a significant share in the company: they are part of the executive board, they take part in the strategic decisions of the agency and may put a veto on any decision if they see the necessity.

Travellers benefits:

An authentic experience that truly benefits local communities as they have chosen to be a part of the project and actively participated in its development.


Learn more about this HopSolution by watching the video above with Andean Lodges in Peru.

“The Apu Ausangate Trail, in the vicinity of the high mountains, takes 5 days to complete. You sleep in lodges and experience the lives of the llama herders who have been occupying this land, from the trans-Andean valleys to the highlands.

Thanks to the community’s help, we have built 4 lodges in 5 years. Due to frost and high altitude (more than 4,000 meters), it took a long time to build them. There are only three months in the year during which the ground is not frozen.

170 people, in Chillca, and almost 300 people, in Osefina, participated in the construction of these lodges. Both communities are our partners in this project which, nowadays, is no longer a project. Today, it is a tourist product, offered to the world…

When travellers visit, the people of the community receive a salary equivalent to 3 times the national minimum salary, paid directly and daily. There is also a fee which is paid for each traveler who passes by these communities, like an entrance fee, as this is a conservation area, a reserved area.

The community decided that the benefits generated by the tourism activity, should be, at the end of the year, reinvested in training, children education and other productive activities.

At 4,860 meters in altitude (the same height as Mount Blanc), one of our lodges is one of the world´s highest hotel and catering establishment.”

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