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Laundry trapdoor

Local benefits:

  • Improving working conditions for chambermaids by avoiding them carrying heavy loads.
  • Improved staff efficiency, less loss of time.

Travellers benefits:

No impact.


In accommodation establishments, one of the main worries for chambermaids is the bedding and towels management, as they get heavy quickly. We haven’t found any statistics on this, but through experience it takes a toll on the back and as a consequence the work performance decreases.

To ease the lives of chambermaids, the management at the Lecoq-Gadby hotel has had a laundry trapdoor made on every floor of the building, a bit like the procedure for waste disposal in older buildings, but bigger and cleaner!

It is now as easy as slipping the laundry down the trapdoor and then gathering it at the underground floor in the laundry room for cleaning.

As a reminder, taking care of your employees helps to improve motivation and implication in their work,  a guarantee for success especially in service industries such as hospitality….

Translated from French by : Holly Cooper Chima

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