Local benefits:

Savings on the purchase of vegetables

Travellers benefits:

  • Healthy and local products
  • Potentially self-gathering

Benefits to the environment:

  • No chemical products
  • Natural fertilizer


A Keyhole

The Keyhole is a vegetable garden in the shape of a key hole which has been put in place in Africa by Send a Cow association.

Indeed, this vegetable skill allows to grow vegetables with only a small space and a limited water resource. The aim is simple: compost put in the center of the garden in order to slowly spread its nutriments and its humidity.

The key hole measures about 3m diameter with a “key hole” which will be used for receiving the compost measuring about 1m. We circle this garden with a low stone wall linked with land, straw and manure spreading.

How to build a keyhole


Translated from French by Clémence Duvent.

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Réalisé à la maison, et validé ! Technique efficace et qui présente aussi l’avantage de moins se pencher pour semer / biner / cueillir.

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