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Keep ants away naturally


Local benefits:

White vinegar is cheaper than chemical pesticides.

Travellers benefits:

Beautiful gardens and plants.

Benefits to the environment:

The ants are not killed, only kept away using a natural technique.


Use white vinegar to keep ants naturally

In some countries, the ants may eat and destroy completely cultures, and therefore, it happens also in hotel smaller gardens. In the video above, Hayda, Manager of a hotel in Colombia, shares her trick to kepp them away naturally:

“There are very simple ways to keep away ants. It is important to keep in mind that we are the ones who invade the space of these little creatures, and we therefore can not poison them outright. There are simpler and less aggressive solutions. I’ll explain how I manage to have a beautiful garden, of my taste, filled with flowers, without having the ants ravaging it.

Get white vinegar that is not fruit vinegar, wine vinegar … it must be white vinegar! You pour it around the plants, but not on the plants, about 50cm away from the plants. At the beginning three times a day, then every other day, then once a week, once a month … and then when you remember to do it sometimes, just to prevent the ants being back. There is nothing else to do, it’s very easy and super economical!


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