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Introducing the travelers

Tour présentation, Sénégal
Tour présentation, Sénégal

Local benefits:

More proximity with travelers.

Travellers benefits:

More proximity with villagers.


When installing a new tourism activity in a locality, integration, environmental or societal, is really important. And sometimes, the difference between the culture of the traveler and the one of the inhabitant can be large and difficult to grasp.

This is why, at the campement du Niombato, in Senegal, every singla stay starts with an introducing tour with Claudine, owner of the campement, to introduce the newcomer to the villagers and vice versa.

This allows Claudine to explain the village organization, the different figures, the cultures, the traditions, so the travelers can understand and learn on the destination they are is and can feel at ease.

But it also allows the villagers to see the traveler not only as a tourist, coming to buy and observe them, but also as a human being, with a name, a culture, with whom they can exchange.

It can appear idiot said like this, but it is sometimes forgotten, and that can create disconforts, for the travelers and for the villagers.

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