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Incentives to soft mobilities

Affichage tranports doux
Affichage tranports doux

Local benefits:

To ensure that customers and staff use first soft mobilities.

Travellers benefits:

To put forward greener means of transport to go or to leave the hotel.


Soft mobility?

This is all the cleanest ways of transportation about environment, that produces the least possible amount of greenhouse gases. Cycling, walking, public transports are soft mobilities.

How to highlight?

In order to make it known, you need to highlight it :

  • At the Solar Hotel, in Paris, we find on the walls of the entrance a map with bus stations, subway and Velib’ (bycicle rental) that are close to the hotel ; bikes are also available for guests.
  • At the Tourelles in Baie de Somme, we propose to the customers to do carpooling to arrive and leave the hotel (especially to the railway station) ; local car-pooling is highlighted as well.

At the Domaine du Val, there is a stop of local car-pooling.

The key is to provide means to the customers and staff to have an alternative to the private car, explaining the environmental impacts and that in the end, it’s not so complicated to move “smarter” !

Translated from French by : Clément Chenevas.


Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Hôtel Valpré Valpre Hotel Hotels & guest houses urbain France No

Learn more

You can see what is done in your region in terms of hitchhinking, carpooling or bike rental…

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