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Hygiene celebration

Corte limpio, Senegal
Corte limpio, Senegal

Local benefits:

Improved sanitary conditions. Cleaner environment.

Travellers benefits:

Clean and pleasant environment.

Benefits to the environment:

Less environmental pollution.


Waste management can sometimes be a real issue. In Senegal for example, it is not unusual to throw plastic bags on the ground, in the street, or even in its own yard, after use. Furthermore, because a lack of waste treatment, garbage dumps (when there is one) are most of the time open air, sometimes in the middle of the village. In addition of the visual and sometimes odorous unpleasantness, the major issue is sanitary.

To gradually overcome this serious issue, every year, in the village of Sandicoly is organized a hygiene celebration, under the leadership of the Campement du Niombato.

Thus, every year, during the month of May, the cleanest yard of the village is rewarded with a price, financed thanks to the tourist activity of the campement (see the good practice “development contribution“). Villagers are more than ever motivated, and it is every year a real spring cleanup in every yard. And so, the good habits are taken little by little all year long.

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