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Green Trek, the ecological hiking

Opération Green Trek
Opération Green Trek

Local benefits:

Protect the local heritage contributing to keep it clean.

Travellers benefits:

Make a small gesture (but which can make the difference!) while your visiting the area.

Benefits to the environment:

Reduce waste pollution, source of many environmental disturbances.


Easy and eco-friendly: the Green Trek Association

Green Trek  is an association which aims to allow hikers, strollers and other walkers to invest themselves in the protection of nature through simple gestures.

The idea is simple: Eco-friendly, practical, attractive and reusable bags are distributed free of charge. These allow each walker to collect litter found on their way, and then empty their bags into the appropriate bins.

In the cottage Bruyères d’Erquy, Florence Durand has displayed the dispenser in the entrance hall. Everyone can take a bag and become ´eco-heroes´. If everyone does not take a bag in passing, there is a notice stating a good practice that is essential: DO NOT LITTER!

 Translated from French bu Holly Cooper Chima.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paradise in Ghana Hotels & guest houses rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paradise in Ghana Hôtels et chambres d'hôtes rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paraíso en Ghana Hoteles y habitaciones rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Les Bruyères d'Erquy vista desde las habitaciones de los huespedes Les Bruyères d'Erquy Cottages & furnished rentals, Hotels & guest houses rural, mer France Yes

Learn more

To promote the operation and to become a distribution point of Green Trek bags, contact the association directly: greentrek.asso@gmail.com

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