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Go wee in the shower, a flush saved !

une notice de sensibilisation particulière
une notice de sensibilisation particulière

Local benefits:

Cost savings on water expenses.

Travellers benefits:

Original and fun sensitization.

Benefits to the environment:

Less water expenses, limited natural resource.


Toilet flush: the main use of water

We are all aware of it now; there are 9 litters of water that is gone every time we flush. Toilet flush is even the first expense in “drinking” water in France, given the fact we go to the toilets four times a day in average.

We do not necessarily think about it all the time, but keeping us from going to the toilets when we know that we will take a shower in the next minutes, it is not that silly, it is not dirty, and therefore we can save 9 litter of water!

Well let’s admit that not all the types of establishments can allow displaying such a sensitization notice at the door of the bathroom. However most of the tourist establishment is for a clientele that will not take offense to see such note; under the condition that there is still a type of clientele that it may still shock, as the impact is that important…

Furthermore, it makes laugh the little ones and make often smile the older ones! So let’s get down the taboos, and let’s pee in the shower!

Translated from French by : Esther Boyer.

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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Bienvenu à La Ville Heleuc Domaine de la Ville Heleuc Cottages & furnished rentals rural, zone-temperee France Yes

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