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Games accessible to all

Jeux accessibles pour tous
Jeux accessibles pour tous

Local benefits:

  • Accessibility to the greatest number = more visitors.
  • Local jobs for people with disabilities.

Travellers benefits:

  • Accessibility to the greatest number.
  • Increase awareness on disabilities.


Games, a way to get together

At the Auberge des VoyaJoueurs, we play. More than 800 games are proposed in this untypical hotel. Board games, draughts games, card games, billiards, giant outdoor games, etc.

Anne-Sophie Hochet, the owner, has at heart to make her place accessible to everyone, particularly to any kind of disability.

Building this establishment has been thinking in that way, and its activities also. Thus, we can find games for people with sensorial disabilities (blind or partially-sighted, hard-of-hearing…), games for people with limited mobility or even with mentally disability, etc

Because the game has the power to all get together, by leaving aside our « differences ».

By the way, what does “accessible” means?

Accessibility, it is to enable people with disabilities to be independent and to participate, in reducing, or even by deleting disputes among capabilities, needs and wishes on one hand, and on the other hand, the various physical, organizational and cultural components.

Some examples of games

  • Granito, a tactile Tic Tac Toe with smooth-balls and granite-balls.
  • Sonate, a game claches with bells ringing for some and others not.
  • Japanese Billard, a perfect game for people with lox motor skills in the upper limbs.
  • Quoridor, a game adapted to the largest number of people, great for people for people with mild mental impairments, partially-sighted or people with mild motor problems.

Translated from French by Clement Chenevas.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Jeux de l'Auberge L'Auberge des VoyaJoueurs Hotels & guest houses rural France No


Suppliers :

[France] http://www.damludo.com/ | Contact Philippe HANNOIS

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What is applicable to games is obviously also applicable for most activities as well which can be proposed.

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