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Furoshiki, or how to make a bag with squared piece of cloth

Sac en tissu le Brèvedent
Sac en tissu le Brèvedent

Local benefits:

Provide an alternative to the plastic bag.

Travellers benefits:

Offer to each guest a squared piece of cloth and a handbook in order to make a bag out of it.


What is a furoshiki?

It is a tradional japanese technique of wraping with cloth. Thus, with a simple piece of squared cloth, it becomes possible to make a resistant bag.

Why offer a furoshiki?

  • Original welcome product.
  • Introduce local cloth to the guests.
  • Minimize the use of plastic bags (as a reminder, in France, we use more than 10 billions of plastic bags, knowing that it takes between 100 and 400 years for them to decompose).

How to make a furoshiki?

Chose a nice squared piece of a local cloth (it can also be an old sheet, or table cloth,…). Join the Hopineo’s Handbook  so your guests can make by themselves their own Furoshiki. And there it is !

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Translated from French by Esther Boyer.

Learn more

Chose a local clothing or recycled (linen, old clothes,…)

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