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For the love of a blackberry


Local benefits:

Cost savings on maintenance.

Travellers benefits:

Privacy preserved and habitat protected.

Benefits to the environment:

No chemicals and contributes to biodiversity.



At the Eco-Logis of Ensarnaut, Marianne and Christian are willing to dress their west frontage of the cottage that is exposed to the rain, to the wind and to the sun, in a natural way.


They delimited the zone to avoid people walking on it and they let what wanted, but most of it, what could grow up on that area. And blackberries settled. Blackerries ? Yes, blackerries create a perfect and natural hedge and offer plenty of advantages

  • They offer intimacy to the rooms,
  • They protect the frontage from the violent winds,
  • They offer beautiful flowers and blackberry fruits
  • They create a micro-climate enabling ivy to colonize the wall,
  • They offer room and board (does it remind you of something?) to many creatures.

Before – After

Haie naturelle

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
La terraza del albergue Les Eco-logis d’Ensarnaut Les Éco-logis d'Ensarnaut Cottages & furnished rentals rural France Yes

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