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Fire alarms for the hearing-impaired!

Local benefits:

Accessibility and attractiveness.

Travellers benefits:

Accessibility for hearing impaired people.


Fire alarm for everyone

Fire alarms are mandatory in public places. We generally recognise them by their high pitched ringing sound that irritates our ear drums, be they natural or artificial, this noise gives us the signal for a hasty dispatch from a commercial center, a school… or even our hotel room.

In the first two cases, everyone would be able to see the flurry of humans heading towards the nearest exit and would join them, even if they are deaf; but if the latter were alone in their hotel room, how can we be sure that he or she would not end up burnt in the fire?

Lecoq-Gadby, the first eco-hotel approved in France, has had luminous red alarms installed in their hotel rooms, guaranteeing everyones safety!

Translated from French by Holly Cooper Chima.

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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
De gauche à droite : Mahery, Justine, Jacques, Véronique, Anne-Sophie Hôtel LeCoq Gadby Hotels & guest houses urbain France Yes

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