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Educational farm

Une vache et un panneau
Un lama à la ferme de canon
La carriole de la ferme de Canon
La ferme de Canon
Une vache et un panneau
Un lama à la ferme de canon
La carriole de la ferme de Canon
La ferme de Canon

Local benefits:

  • Local activity.
  • Increased attractiveness.


Travellers benefits:

Fun and original activity.

Benefits to the environment:

Helps maintain natural areas and contributes to the ecosystem.


The example of the Coup de Canon

Canon’s educational farm is installed on an ecological area of 90 acres. It includes all the farm animals. There are also orchards, rivers, and shacks of course !

The animals are there in semi-freedom. It is therefore possible to approach them and even pet them. The visitor is free to go wherever he wants. There is a suggested sense to the visit, but there isn’t any path and everyone does whatever he wants.

Small signs line the meadows. They are meant to explain each animal’s or fruit tree’s life. We learn for instance that Ouessant sheep is the smallest known sheep breed. Those sheeps are very rustic and their fleece weighs 1,2 to 1,5 kg.

Finally, an adventure course has also been installed in the middle of the farm where kids as well as adults can have fun. We can choose between the « cool way back » and the « adventurous way back » that involves crossing the river on a suspension bridge, in the middle of gooses and ducks.


  • Groups of 20 people or more can discover this little world carried around by an arranged trailer pulled by a tractor.
  • Animals are thrilled to have company.
  • When the farm’s staff goes with the visitors, they can check that everything is in order (animals’ heath, fences, food, etc.)

It’s a good way to have a great time discovering the farm.

Moreover, the price is also responsible : the entrance fee is only 3€ (2014 price) !

At the end of the visit, ecological products from the farm are made available for you to purchase in their shop.

Translated from French by Anaëlle Simon.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
La Borderie de la Marchaizière Borderie de la Marchaizière Hotels & guest houses rural France Yes
La cabane tonneau au Coup de Canon Cabanes de Canon Unusual lodgings rural, mer France No

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