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Plaque de Fermacell
Plaque de Fermacell

Local benefits:

Create interior walls or double walls for insulation.

Travellers benefits:

Fermacell boards as an alternative to conventional plasterboard (BA13).


Some notions

Les plaques de Fermacell boards are  composed of 80% gypsum (sedimentary rock component of plaster) reinforced with cellulose fiber, derived from recycled paper (20%), without chemical additives.

The  mixture of these natural components with additional water is then compressed at high pressure and dried at high temperature to obtain a board with an incomparable rigidity.

Fermacell compared to BA13 :

  • Insulation / Inertness : small difference concerning the level of heat resistance but a slight additionnal interness with Fermacell thanks to its weight.
  • Environnement : healthy raw material and no chemical additives. However, we did not find the carbon impact of its fabrication.
  • Soundproofing : very effective. Thermal conductivity : 0;32W/mK – thermal resistance : 0,039 m²K/W.
  • Permeability : Fermacell index : 0,56 / plasteboard : 1. Self-regulation of the indoor humidity. Applicable in private wet areas.
  • Fire resistance : Fermacell is classified incombustible.
  • Strength : very robust material.


Fermacell board Datasheet.


Fermacell board require only standard tools for installation. It is fixed with screws, pins or staples depending on the frame.

The attachment of finishing and decoration (painting, tiling, …) requires no undercoat because the board is already processed in the factory. In addition, the high stiffness of the material allows the hooking without reinforcing elements.

Download the guide : installation and use of Fermacell.

And the cost?

More expensive than plasterboard, it’s approximately 6€/m² (2€ for plasterboard).

However, Fermacell is an all-in-one solution. You need to use specific plasterboard for each specificity (fire, sound, humidity,…) when the Fermacell is all of this.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
La terraza del albergue Les Eco-logis d’Ensarnaut Les Éco-logis d'Ensarnaut Cottages & furnished rentals rural France Yes
Salón del Écolodge des Chartrons L'écolodge des Chartrons Hotels & guest houses urbain France Yes

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