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Family Style Meals at Hacienda Venecia, Colombia
Family Style Meals at Hacienda Venecia, Colombia

Local benefits:

Empowerment, ehancement of local know-how, promotion of local gastronomy, typical regional recipes.

Travellers benefits:

Delicious meals with fresh ingredients, discovery of local specialities, convivial moments shared around the table.

Benefits to the environment:

Avoiding waste of food, using seasonal local products.


Family style meals to promote local cuisine and enhance people connections

At Hacienda Venecia or Utopia Eco-Hotel for example, a single menu is offered to everybody for lunches and dinners: a “family-style” menu.

The concept is simple, instead of offering an “à la carte” menu from which guests can choose (as in a traditional restaurant), the hotel offers a different single menu for every meal. The guest is invited to register for it in the morning if he wants dinner, in order to know early how many meals are to be prepared.

It allows to put forward typical meals made of seasonal products  provided by local producers. It also allows to avoid any waste of food. The hotel can purchase the correct quantity of fresh products and cook exactly what is needed. In financial terms, this is an interesting solution for the hotel, and it is passed on the final price: A better value for a happy customer !

Some ecolodges offer two options: one with meat/fish and another one vegetarian.

At Utopia, meals are vegetarians as to satisfy most people. WiFi is not available inside the restaurant, as to avoid harmful waves but not only… it is a owner’s choice in order to set up a favorable context for social contact. There is also only big shared tables. Dinner is therefore turning into a convivial moment for everybody ! I had the chance to enjoy Utopia delicious dinners and of the good mood in there, and I love it !

Of course the formula may not be adapted to any kind of hotels. But in the case of a small facility located in the wild, with a mostly leisure customer base, it seems to work alright!

Translated by Guillaume Rey

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
Yachana Lodge, Rio Nap, Ecuador Yachana Lodge Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes
Hacienda Venecia, Manizales, ColombiaHacienda Venecia Manizales Colombia Hacienda Venecia Hostels, Hotels & guest houses rural, zone-chaude Colombia Yes

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Think about asking guests if they have allergy or any specific meal requirement (vegetarian?) in order to adapt the  menu to their particular needs or offer an alternative meal.

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