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Facilitate carpooling for customers


Local benefits:

To reduce impact on the environment because of client’s transportation.

Travellers benefits:

To allow clients doing carpooling between them.


Your facility is far away from the city center? There is a super expo to be seen 15 km away? The nearest train station is at 20 km?

Encourage your clients to transport themselves together!

The common transportations unfortunately aren’t the taxis and they not always go where we want to pick them. If we don’t have car, the next solution is the taxi, or the rental car location, and sometimes, then the solution is staying at the hotel instead of visiting.

Or, some clients are coming in car. So it’s possible, within your hotel, to promote the carpooling between clients and also to limit the individual car travels, gas emissions resource of greenhouse effect. Therefore, you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

In the hotel Les Tourelles, this solution is always offered at the check-in.

Then, you allow to your clients to optimize their trips, share their car, and also often doing fun meetings!

On the same path, you can also organize the carpooling for the hotel staff.

Translated from French by Estefanie Tellez Mendoza.

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