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Experience-based and interactive walking tour

Paola - Coffee Tour Hacienda Combia, Colombia
Paola - Coffee Tour Hacienda Combia, Colombia

Local benefits:

Enhance the local know how and heritage.

Travellers benefits:

Learning while having fun.

Benefits to the environment:

Take the opportunity to pass along raising-awareness messages about environmental issues.


Manuel is the General Manager of Hacienda Combia in Colombia, learn from his experience and tipsin the video above:

Combia inspiracion has recently received the national sustainable tourism prize in the category of culture and local heritage conservation. The commerce and tourism ministry realized that behind a coffee bean, which is worldwide recognized as a commodity on the market, we derived a complete tourism experience in which visitors can appreciate and learn from the work of the true protagonists of the landscape: a handcrafter, a basket-maker, a barista, a ceramist, a coffee harvester. These key people are the ones keeping alive the coffee Colombian landscape, valued and experienced during this journey, letting the visitor identifying consciously, what’s behind a cup of coffee in Colombia.”

To develop your own experiential and interactive route, Manual advice to:

  • Use the expertise of a professional team to develop transdisciplinary route,
  • Cut the experience in several stages,
  • Involve and awaken the 5 senses.

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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Rio Muchacho Ferme Biologique & Ecolodge Activities, Campings, Hostels, Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes

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