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Herbarium Les Tourelles
Santoline grey
Crumble of currants
Herbarium Les Tourelles
Santoline grey
Crumble of currants

Local benefits:

  • Make the local biodiversity more attractive
  • Attractivity of destination
  • Integration of countryside positioning

Travellers benefits:

  • Activities for the whole family
  • Learn from the local fauna and flora

Benefits to the environment:

  • Visitor’s awareness for environment


Put down on a small board the name of the vegetable to keep inform your visitors.

When we are lucky to get a garden, we want to increase its value and show its richness.

And because more often than not we know this tree, this plant, but we are unable to put a name on it.

Organize a designation system for trees and plants from the garden, with small slate for example, is a good way to raise awareness among your visitors and disclose these essences for a better use.

To go further

You can also add books about plants on these small slates and about different essences, which you will provide to your visitors who want to learn much more about it.

Another option: put also the possible use of the plant, with cooking recipes or beauty tips for example, as Domaine du Val which give the recipe of the red currant crumble.

Crumble de groseilles

 Translated by Clémence Duvent

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Bâtiment, La Semeuse La Semeuse Resorts rural, mer, montagne, zone-temperee France No

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