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Eco-workshops for children

Ecoposada Esteros del Ibera, Argentine
Ecoposada Esteros del Ibera, Argentine

Local benefits:

Allowing all the children of the village to access an after-school activity and to learn English.

Travellers benefits:

Allowing, in the future, international tourists to have local guides who speak English, and to visit a place which is well protected and taking care of by its inhabitants.

Benefits to the environment:

Increasing environmental awareness of the local people and ensuring the future of the natural reserve.


For example, in the village of Colonia Carlos Pelegrini (north of Argentina, in the Ibera natural reserve), the children have only 4h of school per day. The Ecoposada del Estero launched the initiatives of the eco-workshops : 3h of activities after the shool during which the children learn on a entertaining way about the nature that surrounds them, and all this in English. The parents got together in a commission and share the teacher salary. They give also scholarships, in collaboration with the municipality and the sponsorship of tourists, to the children of the most modest families in order to make the eco-workshops accessible to all.

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