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Documented Code of Conducts


Local benefits:

Protects the culture and privacy of the locals and ensures their comfort with regards to incoming travellers. Some cultural behaviours can be hidden from travellers if they are considered sacred or private to the locals, for example. This is also a way to conserve and protect the natural heritage by guiding travellers through the code of conduct for each country.

Travellers benefits:

Allows for respect, preservation and a better understanding of the culture, the environment of our host, but also educates travelers on what can and/or cannot be done. This ensures a good relationship between locals and travellers.

Benefits to the environment:

The code of conduct indicates the behaviours to adopt in order to protect the local biodiversity.


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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Tusoco Turismo Rural Bolivia TUSOCO Viajes Activities, Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses, Packages and tours rural, montagne, zone-chaude, zone-temperee Bolivia Yes

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