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Development contribution

Fête, Sénégal
Panneau Yokam, Sénégal
Fête, Sénégal
Panneau Yokam, Sénégal

Local benefits:

Direct outcome of tourist activity for the inhabitants of the locality.

Travellers benefits:

Being useful while having wonderful holidays.


Some tourism facilities, tour operators or hotels, implemented a development contribution, directly paid by the travelers, that is used to finance development projects in the locality. For example, a traveler who is going in a facility for 10 days to discover the area, full board costs $600, and in addition, he will pay $50 as a development contribution.

The money raised will allow projects to happen through an association such as buying school supplies, award ceremonie, or eventhe contribution of the construction of a school or a health center, etc.

Some examples in Senegal:

  • The campement du Niombato is asking $50 of development contribution that are used for the hygiene celebration or for the healthcare.
  • The tour operator Le Flamboyant is asking $60 per stay, that are donated to the association Terre et Culture Solidaire that is developping in 2016 a project of waste recycling to make benches in school.
  • The tour operato Yokam donate part of their profit to the women association of the village and organize every year an award ceremony for the best students.

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