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Cosmetics with apple seeds

Rosita, SIPAM Farmer, Island of Chiloe, Ancud, Chili
Rosita, SIPAM Farmer, Island of Chiloe, Ancud, Chili

Local benefits:

  • Additional profit center.
  • Local ressources + local jobs.

Travellers benefits:

Access to quality natural cosmetics.

Benefits to the environment:

Waste reduction.


From a little apple seed to a cosmetic

At the hotel Lecoq-Gadby they have developed their own range of cosmetic products for their spa, made from apple seed oil.

The seeds are collected and the oil is extracted by a company in Normandy, then, Véronique Bregeon, the owner of the hotel and spa, uses the company Océalys, from Brest, to produce her products. The entire line has succeeded in passing the apple seeds from waste to beauty products!

In addition, the containers and wrappers are made with materials that are environmentally friendly.

The Bonus: Apple seeds are packed full of vitamin E, which fights against skin ageing.

Translated for French by Holly Cooper Chima

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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
De gauche à droite : Mahery, Justine, Jacques, Véronique, Anne-Sophie Hôtel LeCoq Gadby Hotels & guest houses urbain France Yes

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