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Condensing boiler

Calentador por Condensación
Calentador por Condensación

Local benefits:

Heat the habitat and water to reduce our environmental impact

Travellers benefits:

Save energy and money by choosing a condensing boiler.


The condensing boiler can reduce gas consumption up to 35%.

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides from combustion of natural gas, fuel oil or propane, are toxic and environmentally harmful gases. Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions is essential for our planet. The condensing boiler is thus a good alternative to standard boilers.

What for?

The condensing boiler provides heating, and also the production of domestic hot water.

Most of the time, the production of hot water is instantaneous and does not require storage in a tank, which limits losses.

How does it work?

A conventional boiler uses the heat emitted by the combustion of fossil fuels. The characteristic of the condensing boiler is that it also uses the latent heat obtained by condensation of the gas during the combustion.

That is, instead of rejecting the water vapor contained in the smoke, it cools it to liquid its content of water vapor to recover the maximum heat.

To evacuate the liquid water, a connection with the discharge duct is required.

Thus, by exploiting the CO2 usually released into the atmosphere, this type of boiler emits less greenhouse gas emissions.

Be careful not to neglect maintenance (once a year, before winter): according to ADEME, a regular maintenance allows to save 8 to 12% of energy.

How much does it cost?

A condensing boiler costs between 2500 and 7000 €.

In France, you can benefit 15% tax credit.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Salón del Écolodge des Chartrons L'écolodge des Chartrons Hotels & guest houses urbain France Yes


  • Saunier Duval, french brand : boiler Isotwin Condens. From 2 689€TTC
  • Vaillant, german brand : boiler  Ecotec Plus. From 2 356€TTC
  • e.l.m Leblanc, Bosch group : boiler Odéalis Condens. From 2 930€TTC.

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