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Compost Water Heater

Water Heating Compost
Water Heating Compost

Local benefits:

Saving on electricity bills, hot water even when there is no sun, natural compost for the garden, “do it yourself”.

Travellers benefits:

A smart system that will certainly arouse the curiosity of your visitors!

Benefits to the environment:

Reuse of organic waste, decrease of energy consumption, natural compost.


Such a great idea! Forget about costly solar panels that make you dependent on sunlight, and opt for a water heater system using the natural heat of a compost. The pipes, through which water pass, are wound at the center of a cone-shaped compost pile and covered with plastic to optimize the temperature inside.

The water will be very hot during the first few days, and then the temperature drops slowly until there is a need to re-create the compost pile. This solution does ask for high maintenance once a month, but unlike water heated via solar panels, you are certain to always have hot water (you are not dependent on sunlight).

Martjin, Manager of the Totoco Ecolodge, explains the method in detail in the video above.
A french is originally behind this invention: Jean Pain.

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Building a Compost Water Heater

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