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Dry composting toilets


Local benefits:

Minimize spending on water and water treatment.

Travellers benefits:

Travelers will certainly be curious to test the system and better understand how it works. Allows to have toilets in very remote and natural places.

Benefits to the environment:

Minimize the waste of water.


Composting toilets : tremendous water savings

14m3 of water for one person every year ! It is the average of what goes in the toilets in Western countries ; that is to say a third of the consumption of water for a home. Impressive, even unsettling when you know the importance of the resource for the living species on the planet. Knowing that in France for example, this flushing water is… drinkable !! (leading cause of death in the world, 1.2 billion people lack access to drinking water …) One m3 of water is about 2,5€. Savings are here obvious : 140€/year for a home of 4 people ; thousands of euros for a hotel

Your customers become production “tools”…

In general, natural waste that fall into the toilet is discharged to sewers (in urban areas) or land in the septic tank. In addition not to use water, composting toilets interest is to recycle and reuse these materials produced by clients of your accommodation. Indeed, these materials are an excellent compost for parks, gardens or other crops.

Enough prejudices!

Don’t be scared, with a great installation and a suitable maintenance, no unpleasantness for your customers such as malodour. You just need to take into the habit of dealing with this kind of waste, as well as reusing raining water, or using a pellet stove for example.

At the Eco-logis d’Ensarnaut, the composting toilets are here with an educational goal. Customers can also use “classical” toilets, but can most importantly try the composting toilets and get convinced

Accessibility for all!

The composting toilets can be accessible for disabled people,  Les toilettes sèches aussi peuvent être accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite, with grad handles, a ramp if necessary, appropriate dimensions (150x200cm for a 360° rotation for a wheelchair).

By putting sawdust or wood chips for the litter in a biodegradable bag, the maintenance become even easier and accessible to all, even for the most reluctants ! When the litter needs to be change, you just have to remove the bag, close it, and hop! into compost.

Download the guidebook Hopineo to build your own composting toilet (in French)

More information in Spanish: [ES] Baños Secos y Saneamiento Ecologico


Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paradise in Ghana Hotels & guest houses rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paradise in Ghana Hôtels et chambres d'hôtes rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paraíso en Ghana Hoteles y habitaciones rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Rio Muchacho Ferme Biologique & Ecolodge Activities, Campings, Hostels, Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes
Yachana Lodge, Rio Nap, Ecuador Yachana Lodge Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes
Bienvenue, Manoir de l'Alleu The Manoir de L'Alleu Cottages & furnished rentals, Hotels & guest houses, Unusual lodgings rural, zone-temperee France Yes
Black Sheep Inn, Chugchilan, Ecuador Black Sheep Inn Ecolodge Hostels, Hotels & guest houses rural, montagne, zone-temperee Ecuador Yes
Bienvenue, Nid dans les Bruyères Le Nid dans les Bruyères Unusual lodgings rural, zone-temperee France No
Welcome, Cense Lignère La Cense Lignère Hotels & guest houses, Unusual lodgings rural, zone-temperee France No
Cabanes des Grands Lacs Unusual lodgings rural France Yes
La terraza del albergue Les Eco-logis d’Ensarnaut Les Éco-logis d'Ensarnaut Cottages & furnished rentals rural France Yes
Floating hut, Moulin de la Jarousse Le Moulin de La Jarousse Unusual lodgings rural, zone-temperee France No
Bienvenu à La Ville Heleuc Domaine de la Ville Heleuc Cottages & furnished rentals rural, zone-temperee France Yes
La cabane tonneau au Coup de Canon Cabanes de Canon Unusual lodgings rural, mer France No

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Mes Toilettes Seches
8 January 2017 16 h 28 min

Bonjour à tous,
Nous sommes fabricant de toilettes sèches écologiques. Nous proposons à la vente des toilettes sèches intérieures, mais aussi des toilettes extérieures vendues en kit ainsi que des composteurs en bois. Voici notre site: http://www.mes-toilettes-seches.com

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