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Cloth Bag VS Plastic Bag

Sac en tissu le Brèvedent
Sac en tissu le Brèvedent

Local benefits:

  • Increased attractiveness.
  • Less waste to be treated.


Travellers benefits:

Qualitative welcome gift.

Benefits to the environment:

Bags gray energy balance decreased.


Good bye plastic bac, hello cloth bag!

Passing through the Brevedent during our Tour de France, we discover with joy the great good practices they have implemented.

The problematic : the campsite has a grocery where customers can buy the local products, hygienic products, the essentials for camping, etc. And for carrying all this, they do need a container. Hundreds of platic bags were given out every day.

Commited to the environnement protection, they looked after a solution not to use those containers anymore, origin of a lot of pollution, from their production to their elimination (greenhouse gas emission, over 400 years for the degradation, desctruction of the biodiversity,…).

And bingo ! The solution : cloth bags, pressed “Le Brevedent”.

In addition of being a lot more ecological than plastic bags, it is a nice souvenir to bring home that you can keep several years to go shoping, go to work, or bring back the drill that you borrowed last week from you neighbour.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Rio Muchacho Ferme Biologique & Ecolodge Activities, Campings, Hostels, Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes
Le Manoir Castel Camping Le Brevedent Campings rural, mer France No

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