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Coin chargeur, Allouga
Coin Chargeur, Allouga
Coin chargeur, Allouga
Coin chargeur, Allouga
Coin Chargeur, Allouga
Coin chargeur, Allouga

Local benefits:

Reduce energy costs.

Travellers benefits:

Enough electricity.

Benefits to the environment:

Optimized energy management


When we get electricity from solar pannels, the battery management can somtimes be a really hard thing. To solve this problem, in the Campement Alouga, there is a charging area (for phones, laptops,…) dedicated, with its own solar pannels and its own batteries. Thus, we are sure to keep enough electricity for the lighting of the rooms.

On the other hand, we also have enough electricity to charge the different electronic devices as the installation of the charging area is calibrated for this usage.

Therefore, pretty often, we have a moderate use of technology, which allows to go discover the surroundings, talk with the villagers and/or hosts, envoy a great book… and we are suddenly less slaves of the electronic.

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