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Butterflies sanctuary

Refuge à papillons
Refuge à papillons

Local benefits:

  • Attractiveness improved.
  • Arouse curiosity.

Travellers benefits:

  • The discovery of the different species of butterflies.

Benefits to the environment:

Fight against the rarefaction of the butterflies, very helpful to biodiversity.


Installing a butterflies sanctuary highlights the environmental heritage, educate tourists to the increasing scarcity and beauty of butterflies and thus contribute to the ecosystem.

Butterflies are pollinators, as well as bees, and therefore a major component of biodiversity.

How to make a butterflies sanctuary

The butterflies sanctuary is a wilderness area where you can find a diversity of plants where every butterfly at all stages of life can develop.

It is preferable to promote the natural vegetation than horticultural plants, which do not provide enough nectar.

  • Create and maintain an area to provide favorable conditions for butterflies in their entire life cycle (egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult butterfly).
  • Keep or sow in the garden “host” plants for caterpillars to feed. It is generally typical local plants (cabbage, violet, grasses, clovers, wild geranium, thistle, nettle, plantain, fennel, broom, heather, hazel, blackthorn …).
  • Keep or sow in the garden “attractive” plants for the butterflies to feed. These are plants rich in nectar (valerian, daisies, clovers, poppy, petunia, alfalfa, …).
  • Outlaw chemical treatments and prefer manual methods or organic and natural products (nettle manure …).
  • Keep in the garden a winter sanctuary for some species of butterflies. Ivy growing on the walls or trees is a perfect example.
  • If possible, leave a part of the sancturay in natural vegetation and mow only when fall comes.

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Jeux de l'Auberge L'Auberge des VoyaJoueurs Hotels & guest houses rural France No

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