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Learn more about this HopSolution by watching the video above with Lester, de Vive Nativa Ecolodge (Chile):

“We know that ideas, usually remain in our head, and if you forget them, you lose them as one goes along. It is the same thing when having them in the computer : they are all hidden, archived in the computer. With the “brainstorming” wall, they are right, in plain view all the time. It helps us to not forget where we’re heading to and to specify the objectives without losing the concept, the ideas, the meaning of our dreams and our wishes. And it often helps us also when friends are coming, or people who understand what we do, so they can have a look at it and add an idea.

Here we’re talking about cultural inputs, people we’re working with, what we do as a social company. Here, an example of the follow-up of LED bulbs installation (from which our building are almost fully equipped). Here below everything else, there are always other things like photos, situations we have thought about, schemes, landscape pictures… It’s a bit like our brain, that we’ve opened up and stuck here. It’s a preview of our thoughts.

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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Vive Nativa Ecolodge, Pitrufquen, Chile Vive Nativa Ecolodge Hotels & guest houses, Unusual lodgings rural, zone-temperee Chile Yes

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