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Baladovore, a French app to buy local


Local benefits:

Get supplies for your restaurant with local products

Travellers benefits:

The app Baladovore enables you to locate the producers around you.


Baladovore is a simple and free app, available in France on iTunes and Google Play, that allows :

  • Each restaurant’s chef to reference the local producers he works with,
  • Everyone to find local good addresses for their kitchen.

Thus, with the network of restraurant’s chefs, guaranteeing a good quality, nothing is easiest than to find great producers around your place.

The app shows a map where you can geolocate yourself and it shows you the producers around you with a little image, showing what kind of products they sell :

Carte Baladovore

In September 2014, the app had 589 good addresses recommended by 115 chefs.

When you have chosen a producer, you can access to his(her) form, where you will find his(her) contact details and a presentation of his(her) products.

It’s also possible to have access to the chefs’ forms, to visualise the producers they recommend.

The map is also available on internet : www.baladovore.com

Annie Bertin


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