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A green roof hut

Cabane vue de l'exterieur
Cabane vue de l'exterieur

Local benefits:

Increased attractivity.

Travellers benefits:

Unique outdoor activity for young (and old!).

Benefits to the environment:

Ecosystem contribution.


The Domaine de la Ville Heleuc (France) is a true paradise for children. Every detail was taken into consideration to make them feel at ease.

Béatrice and Michel, the owners, built a Green roof hut. The roof was placed on top of chestnut poles and a few deal poles for more solidity. Bamboo reed screenings are covering the structure; as well as geo-textile, hessian and soil, to create an environment favourable for revegetation.

The walls are made of ground. One of them is even hosting a few bottles for a unique decoration (and bottles’ recycling!).

The floor was built as a huge terrace surrounded with structure posts. Finally, the edges were appointed with granite pebbles.

It is possible to enjoy the hut by night as LED lights are hanging inside, powered by batteries charged with a smal solar pannel.

The owners have in mind to add some partitions to use the hut in winter.

Translated from French by Diane Vervin

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