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Utopia Eco-Hotel Guatemala: Rémy & Florie
Utopia Eco-Hotel Guatemala
Utopia Eco-Hotel Guatemala: Rémy & Florie
Utopia Eco-Hotel Guatemala
Address 81 miles from Guatemala City. 11 Km from Lanquin and Aprox 3 Km from Semuc Champey.
Town : Semuc Champey
Country : Guatemala
Facility : Hostels
Welcoming swaps : all year long

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Telephone number : +502 3135-8329

  • Capacity : 7 hammocks, 12-beds dormitory, 7 rooms and 9 bungalows (total capacity around 60 persons)

From Florie during her HopTour Latin America :

“As expected, this stay at Utopia Eco-Hotel has been love at first sight… Just imagine, after a long bus ride the place you are waiting for is materializing in front of you: The road turns into a track, the hills grow bigger and bigger, and the vegetation is now everywhere, with small villages you can only guess here and there…

By the time I arrive at the hotel, I am watching the sunset from the 4×4… it is night when I check-in and meet Rémy, the manager (from Orléans).

Next day in the morning, I open my eyes and surprise: The canopy (foggy at first, then under a bright blue sky) is in front of my sleepy face. Yes, because my bed in the dormitory is under the roof, but in open air with this fabulous view on the forest (See the picture above with Rémy !). It is surreal, but it is real. This “utopia” isn’t impossible, although I feel like day-dreaming.

Ok, you may think it is a bit too much… So feel welcome to discover the whole story on my blog, where you can also find the Semuc Champey photo album ;)”

For an account of Florie’s experience, follow the link below:
Utopia Hotel, imaginary doesn’t mean impossible

Some of the good practices for a better tourism of Utopia Eco Hotel :

  • Menu Family-Style
  • Septic tanks
  • Waste sorting (metal, plastic, glass) to avoid burning waste
  • Purchases from local communities
  • Making of their own chocolate from the garden’s cocoa trees, and chocolate-making workshop

Welcome to Guatemala,

We look forward to welcoming you !

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