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Address Luang Prabang
Town : Luang Prabang
Country : Laos
Facility : Community based tourism
Welcoming swaps : All year

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Telephone number : +85620 55199 208

For a large part of the Asian population, rice is a vital food. However, rice cultivation remains a mystery to travelers. It is often difficult for us to have access to the information concerning the culture of this starchy, served morning, noon and evening without exception!

What are the traditional methods of rice cultivation?

It is at Living Land that we learn more about this. Located 15 minutes from Luang Prabang, The Living Farm Company was formed in response to the destructive methods of farming commonly used in Laos.Surrounded by mountains, and located in the middle of ancient rice terraces, the setting of the site is idyllic.

The farm is both a place of learning for local students and farmers, and a place of agrotourism since it offers to the tourists the possibility of putting themselves in the skin of a local farmer, the time of a half -day. And what an experience!

The tour, organized in 14 different stages, traces all the operations necessary for the cultivation of rice. From the weighing of the rice seed, to the plowing of the land with a buffalo, to the tasting of the rice products, the visit plunges us into Laotian traditions and cultures.

Each stage is brilliantly described by a local guide / farmer, who will not hesitate to make you participate in the various activities that entail this course. The feet are filled with mud, but the phone is filled with unusual photos!

It is also possible to extend your stay there. The hut, located on the edge of the rice fields, is an ideal place to rest and explore the surroundings. We can then pick our plants in the organic garden of the farm. Vegetables that will then be cooked under your eyes with main side … sticky rice!

The Living Land Company, immersed in Laotian rural life, in the company of connaisseur and friendly guides. It is guaranteed that after a visit here, you will no longer taste your rice in the same way, reminding you of the workload necessary before the arrival of this grain on our plates!

Sabaidee! Our entirely organic farm is a Community Enterprise, run by our local team and for the benefit of Lao people. We grow organic vegetables, salad greens, herbs and rice and supply leading restaurants and hotels in Luang Prabang. Come to discover our place!

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