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Vue depuis le lit de la chambre - Tenorio Lodge, Costa Rica
Franck, Christine et Florie au Tenorio Lodge Costa Rica
Vue de la Chambre, Tenorio Lodge - Costa Rica
Singe entre deux bungalows
Vue Extérieure du Restaurant de Tenorio Lodge, Costa Rica
Cascade Rio Celeste, Costa Rica
Vue depuis le lit de la chambre - Tenorio Lodge, Costa Rica
Franck, Christine et Florie au Tenorio Lodge Costa Rica
Vue de la Chambre, Tenorio Lodge - Costa Rica
Singe entre deux bungalows
Vue Extérieure du Restaurant de Tenorio Lodge, Costa Rica
Cascade Rio Celeste, Costa Rica
Address Bijagual
Town : Bijagua
Country : Costa Rica
Facility : Hotels & guest houses
Welcoming swaps : from march to november

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Telephone number : + 506 24 66 82 82

  • Total capacity : 12 bungalows

Christine and Frank are a French couple who love nature and photography. In 2006, they decided to change their lives and embark on a project close to their hearts : develop a small resort which would be respectful of its environment and contribute to the local development.

Tenorio Lodge is now a charming small eco-hotel with 12 bungalows located at the foot of the Tenorio volcano (northwest of Costa Rica). The location is ideal for exploring the surrounding flora and fauna, going to walk for example in one of the nearby national parks : Palo Verde, Tenorio, Rincon de la Vieja, or the protected forests of Cano Negro. Have you ever heard of the turquoise waters of the “Rio Celeste” ? (clic here to discover it in video)

Besides, even if you prefer to take it easy in the Jacuzzi, monkeys, sloths, lizards, frogs and other colorful tropical birds are never far away… Wildlife abounds within the 7 hectares of forest of the Tenorio Lodge.

To read about Florie’s experience, you can follow the link below : Tenorio Lodge, the French Eco-Touch

Good practices for a better tourism implemented by Tenorio Lodge :


  • Tenorio Lodge was designed in a way that does not require air-conditioning units in the rooms and public area.
  • Hot water is produced with solar heated water with electricity back up.
  • Guests and employees are constantly reminded to save energy, by switching off the light when necessary for example.
  • 90% of compact fluorescent bulb and replaced now by LEDs.
  • Use of laundry dryer minimized, bio-climatic room built to dry clothes naturally.
  • Projects: Passive solar water heater.

Waste management:

  • Three “R’s” (Reducing, Reusing and Recycling) solid waste program is respected.
  • Garbage is carefully sorted, in order to recyclable materials such as cans, plastic bottles, tins, paper, etc.
  • To avoid the waste, most of the food is bought in bulk and reusable packaging when available (beer, sodas, etc.).
  • Encourage staff and guests not to use disposable plastics.
  • More than 70% of the waste goes to the compost, to be used then as nutrients for plants, avoiding the use of any chemical fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides

Water management:

  • Water system and pipes are periodically monitored to avoid any sort of leaks.
  • Local heat-resistant plants planted, no need to sprinkle the garden.
  • Towels reusing program.
  • Strong effort to avoid products that negatively influence wastewater, for example detergents and products for guests (shampoo, etc.) used are biodegradable.
  • Wastewater is collected in septic tank and then filtered into drain-fields.
  • Guests and staff are reminded to use water responsibly.

Agriculture and catering:

  • Local ingredients for the kitchen, not only to support the local economy but also as part of the cultural experience of local cuisine for our guests.
  • Homemade jam and bread.

Construction and layout:

  • Tenorio Lodge was built to be small as a 12 bungalows (+4 in the future) project providing protection and reforestation to seven hectares in the middle of tropical vegetation surrounding by two natural ponds.
  • Visual impact minimized: all buildings are single store and rooms are on stilts.
  • Large openings windows to get a maximum of natural light and give to Guests a direct view to the nature while preserving their privacy.
  • Wood from plantation wood such as local teak or pine.
  • Lodge built with local workers of the community.
  • More than 50% of the materials and furniture from local stores.

Social responsability:

  • Local staff and direct employment to over 8 families in the area.
  • All the employees are under the scheme of social security and paid according to law wage in Costa Rica. Qualification and experience of each one is taken in account. No employee is or will be paid below the minimum wage. Wages are higher from 5 to 10% on those charged generally.
  • Insurance to cover work-related accidents.
  • Some of the employees attend training courses and work schedules are adjusted accordingly to them.
  • One room adapted to disabled guests was built.

Local development:

  • Local owned tours operators are supported.
  • Small gift shop which offers exclusively art-crafts made by local artisans, the store is intentionally kept very small to encourage guests to buy at local gift shops in Bijagua direclty. Local Ornaments and art-craft made by local women for hotel rooms and restaurant decoration.
  • Tenorio Lodge is member of the chamber of tourism of: Costa Rica (CANATUR), eco-tourism (CANAECO), and North Costa Rica(CATUZON).

Travelers’ awareness:

  • Tenorio Lodge provides information to the guests about the measures to protect the environment who are developed in the region, information, on socio-cultural activities taking place in the region.
  • Local plants and trees all around the garden to attract wildlife. Guests are asked to respect the local flora and fauna, to not walk off-trails or to try to feed any wildlife.

Local heritage promotion:

  • Tenorio Lodge encourages and guide customers to visit different National Park or other natural attractions. Detailed information on natural areas of tourist interest are maintained.
  • Protection of the rainforest and its inhabitants is one of the most important parts of Tenorio Lodge mission. In collaboration with the students from Upala high school, than a thousand of natives’ trees have been planted, some endangered. The vast garden´s vegetation consists with predominant species native from the area.

Transport and eco-mobility:

  • Offer hiking tracks, horse back riding tours (and bike rental soon).
  • Quads rental is not part of the suggestion of activities made to the guests.

Welcome to Costa Rica,

We look forward to welcoming you !

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