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Sukau Rainforest Lodge

HopHost since 03 June 2017

Address C/O Borneo Eco Tours, Lot 1, Pusat Perindustrian, Kolombong Jaya, Mile 5.5, Jalan Kolombong,,
Town : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Country : Malaysia
Facility : Community based tourism
Welcoming swaps : All year

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Telephone number : +60 88-438 300

Sukau Rainforest is a special place for our Ambassadors Lea and Simon. Indeed, this is where they met for the first time!

In 2016, Sukau Rainforest Lodge celebrated its 20 years of existence. A great success for a 20 room hotel located in the middle of the jungle, confronted with the hazards and challenges of the surrounding wilderness.

The secret of their success: a strong commitment in offering an exceptional and unique experience to visitors.

Imagine waking up along the Kinabantangan River, one of the richest in terms of biodiversity around the world. Listen in bed as the symphony of the jungle begins: gibbons, hornbills, birds singing, simply magical.

It is 6 am, the perfect time for a morning cruise in the river meanders. The show begins with the spotting of proboscis monkeys (endemic of the island of Borneo). A giant lizard has just made its appearance! A little further away, pygmy elephants (also endemic) can be seen feeding along the river. The long awaited moment arrives: the master of the premises makes his appearance. Majestic and elegant, the Orang Outan climbs from tree to tree in search of his favorite delicacies. The local guides will direct your eyes so you do not miss any part of the show.

It is 8:00AM, time to head back to the lodge for a terrace breakfast on the riverbank. The opportunity to share your adventures with other visitors from around the world, and to exchange with the local hosts who are always happy to communicate with guests.

The rest of the day focuses on interpretation and understanding of the surrounding natural life. The guides play a leading role in ensuring that your holiday runs smoothly. All locals, they know the region to perfection and will respond without hesitation to all of your questions.

It is 4:00PM, time to meet at the pontoon for the second cruise of the day. This natural zoo will never cease to surprise you. How can all of these wild animals live together?

6:00PM, time to return to the Lodge for a well deserved rest. The perfect occasion to try a local rice alcohol cocktail, a secret recipe known only by Noah the bartender.

Difficult to fall asleep after such an emotional day, the images keep popping up in our heads. Thats what we call a successful and unforgettable experience!

In parallel, Fernando D. Rulloda and his team are working hard to keep their model status in terms of responsibility and sustainability through the implementation of many eco friendly practices: waste management, energy and water management, employee personal development opportunities, no detail is left behind in order to be a leading lodge in the area and an inspiration for others.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge is a lifetime experience that no one should miss during their visit in Borneo.

PS: Sukau Rainforest Lodge belongs to Borneo Eco Tours, chaired by Mr. Albert Teo. The company was our main donor during our search for financial support in order to prepare our quest for authentic tourism across Asia.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge is a lifetime experience that no one should miss during their visit in Borneo.

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