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Solar Hotel

HopHost since 01 November 2013

Address 22 rue Boulard
Town : Paris
Country : France
Facility : Hotels & guest houses

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Telephone number : +33(0)1 43 21 08 20

  • Capacity : 48 beds
  • Labels : European eco-label, La Clef Verte (“The Green Key”)

    Franck Laval, the Solar Hotel’s owner, has been an environmental activist for over 30 years. He is volunteer for GreenPeace, former leader of the Amis de la Terre (“Friends of the Earth”), one of the Ecology Generation’s creators, President and creator of Ecology Without Frontiers,  at the origin of the Grenelle of the environment,…

    Franck Laval is always conscious of its social, environmental and economic impact. He decided very naturally to transform one of his hotels in order to make an example in terms of sustainable development.

    “L’hôtel des voyageurs“, (“The hotel of travelers”) was already known for its unbeatable rates, and became the Solar Hotel in 2009.

    Located close to the Rue Daguerre, very famous Parisian shopping pedestrian street, the hotel is ideally situated in the center of Paris. The reception is excellent, the atmosphere is soft, it feels good as soon as we crossed the doorstep.

    Its slogan : “Solar hotel, the first ecological, economical and militant hotel !

    Thanks to all its HopSolutions, the hotel aims to sort and recycle 90 % of its waste, to reduce by 75 % its power consumption and to reduce by 50 % its water consumption. In the near future, new Solar hotels should open. Hopineo will cover the next openings !

    Translated from French by Anaelle Simon.



Welcome to the Solar Hotel !

We can’t wait to welcoming you !

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