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Plage Costa Rica, Saladero Ecolodge
Plage Costa Rica, Saladero Ecolodge
Address -
Town : Golfo Dulce
Country : Costa Rica
Facility : Campings
Welcoming swaps : all year long

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Telephone number : (+56) 011-506-8721-0425

  • Capacity : Total Capacity of 20 beds in bungalows and 16 people in tents

Saladero Ecolodge is located on the Golfo Dulce, right accross the Osa Peninsula, South-Pacific of Costa Rica, and on the edge of the most off the beaten track national park of the country (Piedras Blancas National Park). This secret treasure place isn’t linked to any road and accessible only by boat, which contributes greatly to its magic. It’s indeed by going across the Gulf on board of Harvey & Susan’s boat from Puerto Jimenez or Golfito’s dock that any Saladero Ecolodge experience starts.

Susan is originally from the UK, and Harvey from the USA. But both of them are first of all nature-lovers experienced globetrotters.

Harvey started the project 8 years ago, and Susan joined him mid-way. They developed a lovely sustainable nest on the beachfront of a 180 hectares (465 acres) property, composed at 97% of protected primary rain forest and wild mangrove (one part of it is actually considered to be part of the Piedras Blancas National Park).

Rates are all inclusive, which means including also a wide variety of delicious local organic homemade meals. Kayaks are at free disposal: go for a sunrise / sunset tour on the gulf, this is such a relaxing beautiful experience.

Susan and Harvey live onsite all year along. Travelers are invited to be their guests sharing their sustainable way of living for a few days. Their meta is “Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend” which sums up quite well their warm welcome, kindness and generosity.

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About their good practices for a better tourism and sustainable lifestyle :


  • 100% renewable energy : hybrid systems of solar power and hydro.
  • Hot water provided by passive solar heaters and backup propane heaters that only heat when the water is turned on.
  • Energy efficient refrigerators, freezer and lighting (LEDs).
  • Solar and thermostat controlled ventilating fans.
  • Provides to guests solar lanterns purchased from a for-profit social enterprise (d.light solar) for lighting during their stay.
  • Low tech bottle-lights providing up to 55w of lights during the day.

Waste Management

  • Separation and responsible disposal of all waste.
  • Endevors to purchase as much as possible biodegradable and recyclable products.
  • Drinks are purchased in returnable glass bottles.
  • Doesn’t sell water in plastic bottles, offers instead free UV treated water into refillable aluminum bottles to guests from the pristine spring on the property

Water Management

  • Grey water goes to an underground filtering system & returns to the ground water.
  • Black water goes to a septic tank and drainfields.
  • Drinking water is from a pristine spring in the primary rain forest and is UV filtered.

Agriculture and Catering

  • Organic eggs, Fruit and vegetables grown on site without the use of pesticides or commercial fertilizer.
  • Use of fresh vegetables and fruit instead of canned products
  • Natural juices are made here from our various tropical fruits.
  • Gardens and landscaping are fertilized with natural compost and manure.
  • Learning from the natives about eatable local leaves and plants.


  • Uses certified responsible wood from fallen trees, as well as planted bamboos.
  • Built in a way that natural ventilation and lighting are prominent.

Social Responsability

  • Education in best practices to all employees on waste reduction, recycling, energy management, composting and water conservation in order to influence their attitude and social habits within the workplace, but also of their extended families.

Local Development:

  • Employ and train local Costa Rican staff from the work improverished area nearby to Saladero.
  • Classes in English are provided for employees and their children.
  • Sales of local Costa Rican artwork and handicrafts of indigenous tribes benefit them directly.
  • Direct financial support to the park service of Piedras National Park by providing housing and facilities when working in our area.
  • Provides coconuts to workers to enable them to make coconut oil for sale to the public.

Travelers’ Awareness

  • Take guests on a complimentary tour of the property to raise their awareness about sustainability living, and the importance of the rain forest and its biodiversity conservation.
  • Emphasis on taking nothing from the surrounded ecosystem excepting photographs and memories.

Local Heritage & Biodiversity

  • 97% of Saladero property is a protected pristine rain forest (465 acres / 180 hect)
  • A portion of it, is in fact now part of Piedras Blancas National Park.
  • Supports Osa Conservation NGO as part of their wild cat conservation program by purchasing, placing and monitoring camera traps in order to monitor animals presence.
  • Support Earthwatch Charity through the CEIC (Centro de Investigación De Cetaceos Costa Rica) by offering their facilities for volunteers who come at daytime to monitor marine species.


  • The property is accessible only by boat.
  • The boats are equipped with high efficiency 4 stroke motor.
  • Once onsite, guests are invited to enjoy motor free transportation, such as kayak, and using their own feet ;-)
  • Use of boat for transporting guests and buying supplies is coordinated to limit the number of journeys to town and limit the use of fossle fuels.


Welcome to Costa Rica,

We look forward to welcoming you !

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