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HopHost since 30 June 2015

Address Troncal del Pacifico, Manabi
Town : Canoa
Country : Ecuador
Facility : Activities
Welcoming swaps : All year long

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Telephone number : +593 (05) 302 0487

Facilities : 7 cabanas with balconies and hammocks, each with either a nice view of the river or the garden (35 people max.)

Río Muchacho is an Organic Farm and Eco-lodge which offers a unique and ecologically friendly haven for guests to stay, relax, and explore. It’s name comes from the surrounding community as well as the nearby river, both of which are also named Río Muchacho. Opened in 1992, it was the first agrotourism project in Ecuador. 

Dario Proano-Leroux from Ecuador, and his wife, Nicola Mears from New-Zealand, are the owners of this incredible place. They have completely reforested the land, which was almost desert when they purchased it. Thanks to their efforts the farm now produces a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables.

Río Muchacho has always been involved in many projects that support the surrounding communities. These projects aim to promote prosperity and ecologically conscious practices. For example, the owners have conducted workshops on recycling as well as sustainable agriculture. They also created and ran an environmental school with a unique curriculum for local children. The school was open for 23 years, but was sadly closed due to new governmental policies. Currently, Nicola and Dario are refocusing their efforts on the farm itself by inviting people to come and learn. In fact, the farm is now a school part-time, hosting intensive permaculture courses, student groups, other farmers, and teachers, all in an effort to provide the tools people need to live and grow food in harmony with nature.

Bungalow-style accommodation was constructed entirely from local materials and meals are prepared using fresh fruits and vegetables harvested from the farm. The farm is practically self-sufficient in terms of food. Everything on the farm has a purpose ; All human, vegetable, and animal waste is recycled (through composting, dry composting toilets, the biodigestor, etc). Used water is also recycled by being redirected, and sometimes additionally filtered, to water plants. 

Río Muchacho also offers a wide range of activities, including horseback riding to a monkey forest, making chocolate, learning about agroecology and permaculture, enjoying a medicinal clay face mask, going on a guided or self-guided tour of the farm, creating unique jewelry from vegetable ivory, making bowls and spoons from the mate gourd, recycling paper, or simply relaxing, meditating and practicing yoga while surrounded by trees and peaceful bird sounds.

It is also possible to volunteer at Río Muchacho, preferably for a one month stay, in order to help farm while learning more about sustainable agriculture. In addition, volunteers may be able to teach english, help in communications and design. 

Río Muchacho is a wonderful example of an organic farm, an alternative tourist destination, and a center for Ecuadorians, foreigners, farmers, travellers, students, and school groups to come together and learn how to live in peace with nature while cultivating food sustainably. 


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Welcome to Ecuador,

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