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Address You can ever decide to take public bus or a shuttle from La Fortuna o El Castillo to get to Rancho Margot
Town : El Castillo
Country : Costa Rica
Facility : Activities
Welcoming swaps : All year

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Telephone number : +506-8302-7318

Facilities : 19 bungalows and a 40-student bunkhouse, restaurant, library, and many other amenities to make anyone’s stay a true learning experience.

Rancho Margot is the perfect place to disconnect from daily routine and take time to yourselves. In the middle of the nature, the property share the place with a huge diversity of fauna and flora.

The incredible fact about Rancho Margot is that the place is practically self-sufficient : they produce their own energy (electricity and cooking gas), grow their own food, make their own furnitures, make their own soap (from residual of the kitchen). They also compost waste and use it to heat water. Furthermore, all fertilizer, compost and mountain microorganisms used on the premises are also produced in Rancho Margot. Thanks to all of it, in 2012, the Ranch was certified as carbon neutral by Carbon Clear with a negative footprint of 1275 metric tons of carbon.

The accommodation in luxury bungalows helps to relax even deeper and the meal buffet, included in the price, is incredibly delicious. It is made with the product of their organic farm : vegetables, fruits but also milk, cheese, eggs, porks and chickens are produced and grown there !

You can enjoy the place during the all day by assisting to yoga class, visiting and learning more about the ranch with one of the guides, swimming into one of the natural pools, fishing in the pond or helping to milk the cows.

It is also possible to book some extra activities such as kayaking, horseback riding and more to discover the surrounded nature.

Rancho Margot welcome also volunteers from all other the world who want to commit themselves for at least one month. Basically, they can work in different fields like organic agriculture, general maintenance and grounds keeping, housekeeping and other tasks that volunteers can provide. Staff always welcome new competencies to develop Rancho Margot.

Last but not least, this is the part of this amazing project which is the community project. It is dedicated to the next generation. They offer local children some English classes, music and soccer instruction. The owner of Rancho Margot, Juan, recognizes that education is the key to progress. Children of the community can take classes in English, football or music, they can also enjoy workshops about the environment, the diversity of species within the Margot Ranch, recycling and they can also make a summer camp for several days, every semester. The objective of the educational programs of Rancho Margot is to actively involve children and young people in activities that demonstrate the delicate balance of the ecosystem of our natural environment.

Come to discover this place which is almost self-sufficient and enjoy the real Pura Vida in Rancho Margot!


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