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HopHost since 29 November 2016

Address Jl. Ekologika, Pasawahan, Cicurug, Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43359, Indonesia
Town : Cicurug
Country : Indonesia
Facility : Campings
Welcoming swaps : All year

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Telephone number : +62 812 8211 8850

Portibi Farm was founded in 2004 on a clove and chicken farm that was not used to its full value. The owner, Jocean, envisioned a place where people could come to relax, eat well, share good times and celebrate the beauty of Indonesia’s rich cultural and biological heritage.

“This is a place that represents a lot of what we believe the world can be. It is a place to remember, or discover, that nature is good, and worthy of our admiration & protection.”

The lodge follows the traditional Indonesian/Sundanese Wiwitan architecture, with a touch of Lake Tahoe/Californie (Jocean’s home town). The Leuits (guest rooms) are modified rice barns built by the local people.

Portibi farm grows all sorts of tasty morsels that you will be eating during your stay. They also supply greens to several restaurants in Jakarta. The team is constantly planting, harvesting, or weeding something.

Feel free to grab a book, make a new friend, revisit your old one, or go smell the roses/heliconia/rucola/bunnies/chase a chicken, this place will reconnect you with Mother Nature.

Other activities are provided:

– lush hiking trips to Citaman waterfall, in the Halimun Salak National Park, where you can slip and slide, and even bathe in the swimming hole at the base of the waterfall.

– hikes or summit expeditions are also available for those who really want to get into the jungle.

– Farm tours including customized instructions as well as all the greens you can pick yourself during the tour. If you prefer, they can handle the harvest for you, and prepare a big bag full of greens.

While being unique and authentic, the farm is also engaged to minimize his negative environmental impact:

The wood is largely recycled timber from older deconstructed buildings, and a small portion is locally sourced, but Jocean and his team have planted a total of 1000 trees which more than compensates this small portion! The layout was determined with a desire to preserve the existing contours of the hill and to keep from cutting down trees.

-The lodge limits the amount of packages goods they use, and separates their trash in three basic categories: wet corrupted non organics/hazardous, dry or empty recyclable packaging, and compostable organics.

– The cabins are lit with solar power. Use your lightbulbs sparingly, because they will eventually run out of juice. Flashlights are provided for when electricity runs out.

– Jocean also encourages Boys/men to pee outdoors, as fruit trees in particular enjoy the phosphate and other good vitamins that you’ve been ingesting on the farm, and it saves water!

Staying in this place means that you are helping in the preservation of rural farming lifestyles, and by eating the food and squatting over the crops with the local tea, you will be appreciating them for what they do, while you learn where good food comes from, and what it takes to make it.”

The Hopineo’s team is very glad to list Portibi’s farm as the 1st Hop Host in Indonesia!

Restoring and educating. Making one small place in the world, better!

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