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Le Nid des Anges

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Le Nid des Anges
Le Nid des Anges
Address Hameau de Bertoire
Town : Saint-André-Lachamp
Country : France
Facility : Cottages & furnished rentals

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Telephone number : +33 (0)4 67 55 11 90 75 89 09 56 ou +33 (0)9 67 08 71 09

The place

Le Nid des Anges is a wonderful inn located between Montelimar and Montpellier, in the South of France, hidden at the heart of the Archece. Fully ecodesigned, it’s a real haven of peace where resting, self-refocusing, relaxing and loosening up are the keywords.

On two different floors, the inn can welcome up to 15 people, with enough space for each person. A relaxing room, StressLess armchairs, sunbath, jacuzzi,… you’ll find everything you need !

A little goat will keep be your companionship, without disturbing you.

So let yourself be carried by the nature and the calmness that surround the place.

Their philosophy

Valery wanted to create a place in the image of his vision of holidays, tourism and hospitality. This is then in a responsible approach to the fingertips that he manages his business.

When you arrive at Le Nid des Anges, he will invite you to let your cellphone and other electronic devices in a little box.

Breathe, you’re on holiday

Hopineo likes

The energy given off by the place, the beauty of the property and its environment, and of course the host, Valery who is one of those person that you have to meet at least once in your life.

Welcome to the Nid des Anges,

We can’t wait to welcoming you!

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