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La terraza del desayuno al Clos des Capitelles
La terraza del desayuno al Clos des Capitelles
Address 37 avenue Robert de Joly
Town : Uchaud
Country : France
Facility : Hotels & guest houses

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Telephone number : +33 (0)4 66 35 93 60

A short distance from Nimes, in the village of Uchaud in the main street, The hotel “Le Clos des Capitelles” is opened for a diversity of customers (handicapped accessibility with the Tourism and Handicap label).

Mme. Rigaud welcomes her clients in 12 spacious and comfortable bedrooms. One of her major credo ? recovery. Each room is decorated in a special way, with mottled and home-restored furniture.

While there, you can meet the chickens that end up regularly – but quietly – your plates, or eatable plants arrived there by chance, which Mr. Rigaud uses extensively to prepare dishes at Olivier’s Table, the restaurant located a few meters away.

Local products, renewable energy, recycling, diversity … we are in the heart of responsible tourism. To be discovered!

  • Label : tourisme et handicap

Welcome to the Clos des Capitelles,

We can’t wait to welcoming you !

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