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L’Auberge des VoyaJoueurs

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Jeux de l'Auberge
Jeux de l'Auberge
Address Rue du Chaperon Rouge
Town : Monteneuf
Country : France
Facility : Hotels & guest houses

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Telephone number : +33 (0)2 97 93 22 57

There are two stores in Monteneuf : the bakery/grocery/post office and… the “Auberge des VoyaJoueurs” ! A place worth visiting !

The concept is original : everything is about the game, and not just cards’ games. Anne-Sophie Hochet opened that place in 2007 with 400 games. Today, there are nearly 800 ! There is an incredible variety of games, such as Malagasy checkers (Fanorona) or a humain size Connect Four. Even for the most reluctant people, it is difficult to resist this universe. And if we really do not like the game, watch others play and laugh with them is also very nice !

Two spaces are available to play :

  • The lounge : Here are the boardgames and card games of all kinds (Fanorona, Puluc, Chess, Monopoly, etc.).
  • The “rez-de-jardin” : a 150m² room with large wooden games as well as different types of billards, and a garden with outdoor oversized games.

The decoration of the hosting space is inspired by different games of the world but remains unobtrusive. Each room is named with a different game name.

In the morning the game space is reserved for the hotel guests. In the afternoon, everyone is invited to come and play until 11:00 PM.

Many options are available through the hotel, and events are sometimes organized (seminars, birthdays, team building, holidays, weekends, day camps,…)

A place that is already known on an international scale, you can come and discover it as soon as possible !

Translated from French by Anaelle Simon.

Welcome to the Auberge des Voyajoueurs !

We can’t wait to welcoming you !

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