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Address 3rd floor, Donggwang Golf Club, 58-12, 2do 2dong, Jeju city. Korea.
Town : Jeju City
Country : South Korea
Facility : Activities
Welcoming swaps : All year

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Telephone number : +82 64 7254256

Je-Ryang Ko founded the Jeju Eco Tours travel agency in 2003.

She gathered 6 ecological guides in order to modify the classic practices and develop new initiatives to create an innovative tourism culture in Jeju:

“The island encloses a unique ecosystem. It is the only place on earth where the four internationally designated protection zones are found in one place.” notes Je-Ryang.

These include the volcanic island, the Biosphere reserves, the Lava Tubes (UNESCO), and the two swamp sites: Ramsar and Muljangori-Oreaum. But the island also encloses numerous species of fauna and flora, many of which are endangered. The local culture and history are also very rich and distinctive.

Therefore, Je-Ryang and her team started offering different personalized programs: educational activities, visits to the local villages, cooking classes, healing and well-being programs, hikes in natural environments…Trips that are focused on the preservation of the local ecosystems, and that highlight the cultural heritage of the island. Jeju Eco Tours also makes sure there is an equitable redistribution of the revenus towards the local community.

Apart from the development of these programs, Jeju Eco Tours also engages in numerous non-profit activities: research studies on ecosystem protection methods, assistance towards the local communities (education, organisation, mediator…).

Je-Ryang shows a true engagement towards responsible tourism, centred on what she calls “common sens”: learning about the eco-systematic services (especially in the swamps), and the community sharing spirit. But she also demonstrates a remarquable patience facing the difficulties encountered (resistance of some of the local actors, slow results…). She is a true warrior in sustainable tourism!

Welcome to Jeju Island.
Wa can’t wait to offer a true and unique responsible tourism experience!

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